Indonesian and "Only One Name"

It seems that the journalist in CNN who often wrote this news didn’t know much about Indonesia, because in one of his paragraph written:

“Suharto, who, like other Indonesians, only has one name, was president of Indonesia”
News : Indonesian ex-dictator Suharto dies

"Bimantoro, who like many Indonesians uses only one name."
News : Indonesian president condemns Christmas Eve church bombings

Well, in Batak people (which is definitely Indonesian as well) each person will have at least two names (such as my name, hehehe), his first name and family name. Not only in Batak, i believe lots of tribes in Indonesia also have family names such as Ambonese, Manadonese, etc. As far as I'm concerned, maybe it’s just a common tradition in Java, but it’s not applied in all Indonesian.

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  1. Sore bang. Haa.. In General way may it seem not familiar using his father name as family name. But in moeslim usually we hear called "Bin" for her father name and Binti for mother name.. he ehe

    Like Surya bin mahmud and and so on.

    But as i told before it is not familiar moreover in international news of course. oh ya soeharto using Mohammad as first name, isn't it.


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